Annual Conference

GOTA Annual Conference

2015 Conference Sponsors & Exhibitor

Exhibit Space and Sponsorship Opportunities

This conference is a vehicle to assist GOTA and its membership in addressing and achieving its strategic goals. Some of these goals will explore alternative practice opportunities, changes and challenges to serving future populations, service delivery within the community and industrial environments, reviewing research-based clinical techniques and equipment, alternative funding resources, grant writing, and developing partnerships for research.

Please consider serving as an exhibitor and sponsor at this conference by sharing your products, services and expertise that will assist our membership in pursing professional growth and excellence. GOTA expects the conference attendance will host approximately 150 practitioners. Exhibits are scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2015.

Opportunities are available! To view our sponsor/exhibitor packet, click here.


2015 Conference Call for Papers

Conference Focus:

Have you conducted research or performance improvement projects that would inform practice? So you have expertise in clinical practice topics that might enhance clinical skills of others?  Do you have experience regarding searching for evidence to support our practice? Have you been implementing occupation-based practice in a way that might give others ideas how to do this in the context of the “medical model”? 

Are you doing clinical or quality improvement research that might enhance our basis for practice?  Do you have solutions or new ideas to deal with clinical administrative aspects of OT practice that have proven true in your practice?  Do you have questions or the answers to questions about the effectiveness of OT treatments? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we invite proposals for presentations focused on practice, education and research.  Typically, participants want to gain knowledge that can be used for improved service delivery.  Successful proposals will:

  • Clearly articulate learning outcomes
  • Appropriately identify teaching strategies which match anticipated learning outcomes
  • Provide current and relevant information and evidence to support or refute a specific OT intervention

Deadline:  Proposals must be received by Monday, May 11, 2015.

Submit a Proposal

Notification:  Presenters will be notified by Friday, May 15, 2015, regarding the status of their proposal.  Presenters will receive a $50 honorarium per presentation. Presenter/s of the 6-hour workshop will receive a $100 honorarium. (Poster Presenters not included)